From 7 years old

Educational Center

The developmental aspect may be referred to as ‘Dreaming and Earthing’. Not yet fully aware of themselves as separate individualities, or that others are separate and unique individuals, children relate to the world as it affects them. Their immediate response will come from emotions and their own sense of comfort or discomfort.

Learning to become social, to ‘do’ with others, to experience themselves as part of a group, to take turns and to respect others’ needs are abilities that we want to support.

Fairy Tales, Myths are pre‑earth history, human psychology, human development and a bridge between heaven and earth. All the experiences are linked with these stories and the children are encouraged to live and learn imaginatively.

Story curriculum:

  • Fairy Tales and Myths

Main activities

(English and  Thai):

  • form drawing
  • speaking
  • writing
  • reading
  • mathematics
  • home surroundings
  • festivals


  • Visual Art – Drawing, Painting, and Crafts
  • Music – Singing, Recorders, Rhythm making
  • Drama – Puppets, Plays
  • Movement – Ring Games, Skipping, Ball Skills, Balance
  • Eurythmy – Circle Exercises
  • Handwork – Finger Knitting, Knitting
  • French



Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00