Ages 3 to 6 years

House Child Care



The Oak provides a warm and secure homelike environment where childhood is honored and children are given the gift of time. Within this environment the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual nature of each child is carefully nurtured.

Our aim is to develop children’s early learning naturally through daily activities that are offered in the home school.

Children learn trough play. In our vision, play offers rich and productive learning opportunities to experiment and develop social, intellectual and physical ability.  The opportunities of learning provided by play are highly valued in the Waldorf/Steiner school.  The chance to initiate, plan, reason, create, problem-solve, negotiate, take on roles, predict, experiment, draw conclusions and develop working theories - prerequisites of primary school education - are all facilitated through play. The careful selection of quality play materials, gathered from the garden, forest and sea further enhance play through actively supporting the imagination.

During the outside playtime, children experience the wonders of Nature, the elements and the potential for real adventures in the Centre’s garden.

Internal activities can include baking bread, preparing lunch, taking care of the environment, drawing, painting and modeling of the adults around them.

Our connection with our natural environment is developed through seasonal festivals, stories and movement circles as well as practical engagement in the outside environment, including the building of compost, growing fruit, vegetables and flowers.

The child’s social and emotional development is part of our daily program and is carefully nurtured in the educational center environment. The mixed age groups support sense of community, empathy, and help the child develop his sense of belonging and social contribution as well as his ability to care for each other.

Early literacy and numeracy are key skills that are developed in a purposefully natural way, laying strong foundations for later academic learning. 

The Oak looks like a house and the kitchen is a very important part of the center, with beautiful soft colours, and wooden furniture.


Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00