Ages 1 to 3 years

Baby Center

The small child learns through imitation and plays through movement. Right after the delivery the child shares the gaze with his mother and several researches showed how the child is consistently looking for his mother eyes even his sight is not net. Furthermore, thanks to child observation during the first months of his life, we can say that the child is a being in movement. His first play is consistent of hands movement integrated by eyes movement.  In our educational center, even children from the first year of age are part of a comfortable family environment where even the choice of furniture and colors is made with care and in harmony with the child's sensory development.

The central pedagogical element is the observation of the child, the maintenance of the primary care routines - eating, napping, pooping and bathing - and sensory stimulation playing with noble resources and natural tools.

The Oak offers a home with a kitchen. It is a homely environment where children can grow in a space that feels very similar to a home.


Monday-Friday 9:00-15:00